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At gbruk we will help you in every way possible to achieve your goals and we will actively work on your behalf to secure your next career move.

We will listen to what you say and we understand that when you are thinking about your next career move, who you want to work for is as important as what you do.

Which is why discussing your career aspirations with you is an important part of the process,  we get to understand more about you and the organisations and positions best suited to your skills and experience.

We understand our clients business, their culture and the market sector they work in, which in turn is more likely to ensure a better fit for you, rather than it being ‘just another job’.

We can help you with your CV and we can provide unbiased career advice and guidance.

What we do on your behalf is completely confidential and we will not put your CV forward to any company without your prior approval.

We also understand the importance of managing people’s expectations and we will not over promise on what we can deliver – we will also contact you, when we say we will.

We are passionate about what we do and we will strive to meet your expectations.